Hello. I’m Fuyuko. I Build Websites.

WooCommerce Quote Product Plugin Version 0.3 Released

Since the launch of WooCommerce Quote Product plugin back in May, I’ve released version 0.2 and 0.3. The plugin is still under beta mode, not an official release . So, as always, use the plugin with caution and at your own risk. And please feel free to let me know any issue you had with the plugin. Here are a few changes I made in the last two versions: Updates Since Version 0.1 The quote product text in the single product page (as a replacement for Add To Cart button) can be defined in WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Quote Product Bug Fix – “Select Option” button in product category pages for “Addons” products (WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin) was functioning as “Add To Cart” button instead of linking to the single product page. The button behavior is now corrected. The correction is tested with WooCommerce Product Add-ons plugin version 2.7.4. The plugin is tested with WooCommerce version 2.3.11 Current Limitations Still only works with simple product (doesn’t do anything to variable, group, or external product) but now works with simple product with addons. I’ll be adding more features in as-needed basis. If you are brave enough to try this plugin and have some questions, feature requests, or bug reports, please submit an issue on the Github page.... read more

WP Behance Project Display Version 0.4 BETA Test Release

This is the first Beta release of WP Behance Project Display plugin. IMPORTANT: Those who are upgrading from previous versions, YOU MUST UNISTALL the old versions and reinstall the new version) Version: 0.4 Release Date: 2015-05-31 Verified Compatible WP verison: 4.2.2 Download WP Behance Project Display Version 0.4 .2 What does BETA means? It means unless you know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t be using this plugin! The following changes are made in version 0.4: UPDATE – Plugin name has been changed to “WP Behance Project Display” from “Fuyuko Project Display Plugin for WP” UPDATE – ow the content is written in HTML5 UPDATE – New layout design (need to have awesome font installed) UPDATE – Stylesheet now generated using Compass (SCSS) UPDATE – Shortcode for the project display changed from “fuyukoprojects” to “wpbehance” NEW – Settings link added in the installed plugin page NEW – The user must obtain Behance API Key to use this plugin. The key must be entered and saved in the plugin setting page. The goal for next version: Allow to pull more than 12 most recent projects from Behance Improve thumbnail image quality (fixed in 0.4.2) UPDATE as of  June 1, 2015: I released two more minor fix releases 0.4.1 and 0.4.2: Increase the thumbnail image size thus improving the quality Fixed an issue caused by inserting Font Awesome css link in the header section. The stylesheet is now enqueued only in the page/post where the plugin shortcode is used. Updated & corrected readme.txt UPDATE as of  June 4, 2015: Minor update release version 0.4.3: The projects data is synchronized with the data on Behance site on daily basis automatically. Screenshot... read more

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I Design.

I mainly design websites and online marketing materials using Adobe Photoshop.

Have extensive experience in creating WordPress themes. Also familiar with DotNetNuke templates.

I typically distribute email campaigns through MailChimp and VerticalResponse, but comfortable with other service providers.



I Code.

I build websites. I’m good with HTML,  XML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL (and MsSQL if I must).  My background of coding include C++ and Java for non-web programming.

I build websites from scratch or with CMS. I often work with WordPress and DotNetNuke. I have some experience with Joomla, as well as Drupal.

I use various APIs and Frameworks in order to maximize the efficiency of web development.

I Manage.

I manage websites as well as servers.

Managing websites mostly consist of UX optimization, and content-driven & user-driven SEO optimization.

I install and manage various web-related servers, both Linux and Windows based. Currently manages various third-party hosting environment, as well as cloud-based customer servers via AWS.

Also capable of managing DNS, Email Server, Firewall, and CVS.