The Battle at Bristol Mountain 2018

Thoughts on the races:

1K vertical is HARD. I could only “run” maybe first 30 ft then it’s pretty much walking uphill….and the walking is HARD. Lot more challenging that I imagined. Comet (the double diamond skill slope) is giving me nightmare both in winter (ski – too steep for me to go down) and summer. Damn Comet!

5K was also THE hardest 5K course I ever done. BUT I did well. First time I made top 3 in my age group, top 8 in all female, and top 30 overall in any race.

1K Vertical Result

Bib Number: 59
Distance: 1K
Total Time: 23:32.0
Place: 52 out of 153
Age Group (Female 40-49): 6 out of 27

5K Trail Running

Bib Number: 96
Distance: 5K
Total Time: 49:52.0
Place: 30 out of 123
All Female : 8 out of ?
Age Group (Female 40-49): 3 out of 26

Next Year’s Goals:

1K Vertical – Top 3 in my age group, reduce the time by 2 minutes (no resting next time)
5K – Top 2 in my age group, top 6 in all female, run all the way.

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