The Battle at Bristol Mountain 2018

Thoughts on the races:

1K vertical is HARD. I could only “run” maybe first 30 ft then it’s pretty much walking uphill….and the walking is HARD. Lot more challenging that I imagined. Comet (the double diamond skill slope) is giving me nightmare both in winter (ski – too steep for me to go down) and summer. Damn Comet!

5K was also THE hardest 5K course I ever done. BUT I did well. First time I made top 3 in my age group, top 8 in all female, and top 30 overall in any race.

1K Vertical Result

Bib Number: 59
Distance: 1K
Total Time: 23:32.0
Place: 52 out of 153
Age Group (Female 40-49): 6 out of 27

5K Trail Running

Bib Number: 96
Distance: 5K
Total Time: 49:52.0
Place: 30 out of 123
All Female : 8 out of ?
Age Group (Female 40-49): 3 out of 26

Next Year’s Goals:

1K Vertical – Top 3 in my age group, reduce the time by 2 minutes (no resting next time)
5K – Top 2 in my age group, top 6 in all female, run all the way.

Fleet Feet Sports Dirt Cheap Trail Race Series 2018

Official Result:

Series Bib Number: 339

Race #1 Result – April 11, 2018

Bib Number: 603
Distance: 4-6 miles (unknown)
Total Time: 1:11:09.00
Place: 278 out of 328

Race #2 Result – May 9, 2018

Bib Number: 657
Distance: 4-6 miles (unknown)
Total Time: 51:26
Place: 208 out of 352

Race #3 Result – June 13, 2018

Bib Number: 339
Distance: 4ish miles (unknown)
Total Time: 47:28
Place: 192 out of 335

Race #4 Result – July 11, 2018

Bib Number: 339
Distance: 5ish miles (unknown)
Total Time: 1:01:02
Place: 170 out of 303

Race #5 Result

Bib Number: 339
Distance: 4.5ish miles (unknown)
Total Time: 53:32
Place: 158 out of 259

Race #6 Result
Overall Race Series Result

Total Time:
Age Group (Female 40-49):

Thoughts on the races:

Next Goals:

Cabin Fever Trail Race 2018

Official Result:

Bib Number: 293
Distance: 4 miles
Total Time: 50:05
Place: 49 (out of 137)
Place Female Age Group 40-49: 4 (out of 31)

Thoughts on the race:

Yay for top 15% on Female Age Group and top 40% on overall…and I wasn’t even running at the full speed. Next time, I need TRACTION gear for my shoes and I can definitely go faster. 40% icy trail according to the race official. I only slipped once AND I caught myself with one hand with no injury…so proud! I got my runner’s high too. I’d say it’s a good start for 2018 🙂

Next Goals:

  1. Don’t fall
  2. Be top #3 on the female age group (go for the bronze!)
  3. Buy traction gear

Dirt Cheap Stage Race 2017

Thoughts on the races:

I did as expected on race #1 and race #2. I was comfortable with the distance and I knew I could run all the way even if it’s slower (because it’s trail instead of road).

I was so not prepared for the last race, however. My original goal was to run through the entire course. That quickly changed to “just don’t give up.” 1) not enough training to cover 11 mile distance in a trail or on a road, 2) not doing enough trail running period, 3) Didn’t break-in the new running shoes, 4) didn’t plan any rehydration or refueling during the race, 5) didn’t practice the race routes in advance, 6) not having any experience running long distance in 20 degree weather.

It was COLD!

Official Result:

Bib Number: 168

Race #1 Result

Distance: 3.11 miles
Total Time: 39:14.0
Place: 119 out of 203
Age Group (Female 40-49): 6 out of 32

Race #2 Result

Distance: 5.5 miles
Total Time: 1:00:30.0
Place: 140 out of 197
Age Group (Female 40-49): 5 out of 30

Race #3 Result

Distance: 11 miles
Total Time: 2:21:36
Place: 124 out of 220
Age Group (Female 40-49): unknown

Overall Race Series Result

Total Time: 4:01:27
Place: 108 out of 175
Age Group (Female 40-49): 5 out of 30

Next Goals:

I’m definitely doing this race again next year…and I’m going to run entire 11 miles.

Also I’d love to see myself being at top 100 overall.

I need to improve my running pace in general. I found that I’m pretty good at going UP the hill…but not so much going down. I think I’m really scared of falling (because it happens ALL THE TIME). I need to get over that fear.