Sodus Point Triathlon 2016 – Sprint Distance Result

Official Result:

Total Time : 2:00:06.92
Overall Place: 153 (out of 172)
All Female: 61 out of (77)
Swim – 23:15 (1.2 mph)
Bike – 1:01:32 (12.8 mph)
Run – 32: 02 (10:20 per mile)


1) one-piece triathlon suit – hard to go to bathroom. Consider switching to a two-piece
2) good idea to have two sets of replacement tubes and CO2 bottles instead of just one
3) need to focus on race especially when riding a bicycle instead of getting distracted by pretty sceneries and farm animals.
4) do not plan anything after the race…you need a serious nap afterward.
5) if Darth Vader carrying an American flag with a six flag pole and a gas mask on can finish the race, so can you.
6) Bring your own stash of donuts. Healthy events like these provide cut vegetables and fruits, small cookies. My craving for post-race is donuts not fruits.

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