Musselman Weekend 2018 – MiniMusselman Result

Official Result:

Bib Number: 516
Total Time: 2:03:28 (in 2017 – 2:02:52)
Swim: 17:08 (in 2017 – 18:38)
Bike: 1:02:19 (in 2017 – 1:03:24)
Run: 33:35 (in 2017 – 32:41)
Overall Place: 440/595 (in 2017 – 485/612)
Female Place: 193/306 (in 2017 – 222/317)
Age Group: 23/32 (in 2017 – 31/42)


Positives – 1. I swam 100% freestyle (except maybe 2-3 stokes of breaststroke just for sighting purpose) for the distance, 2. shaved a minute and a half from last year’s swim time, and 3. all so saved a minute on the bike.

Negatives – 1. I was hoping my run would be better than last year, but it wasn’t. Almost a full minute slower. I still run all the way…no walking. I think it’s because it was so much warmer (hotter) than last year. My weakness is heat. I felt exhausted before hitting the first mile into the run. Having my own hydration didn’t help at this point. 2. The overall slower time for the race compared to last year was the first transition time. I got hungry. I wasn’t quite in “competitive” mode. I picked a few refueling “samples” before the race, and I indulged some nuts and chocolate spread…passion for food overtook at that point.

Lesson learned – 1. don’t get sample food before the race, 2. have better refueling plan, and 3. be in better shape (esp. running)

Overall I’m happy with the result…sure the race time is slower but I made pretty decent improvement in swimming & cycling. I just have to get better during transition. This was the first triathlon race of the season. Next year, I should enter a smaller/cheaper race prior to Musselman as a refresh session (so that I will be more prepared, focused, and more competitive.

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