Keeping cell phone bill under $20

Republic Wireless is introducing SIM based smartphones this months which allows their customers, for the first time, BYOD.

But with this new line of smartphone offering, Republic Wireless also came up with yet another new billing plan that increased the lowest plan from $10 to $15 (With cell network from $20 + unused data refund to $20 with no refund). You can stay on the old plan as long as your device is compatible with the old plan, that is non SIM based smartphones that were sold by Republic Wireless.  But if you are thinking of getting a SIM based smartphone, like I am, staying with the old plan isn’t an option.

So I’ve been researching various phone options as well as alternative service providers. After a bunch of goole searching I narrow them down to:

Device: Moto G 4th Generation from Amazon Prime Exclusive Phone ($140)
Service Provider: RingPlus
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Chromebook basic tweaks and tips for Crouton

Here are the first set of basic applications that I installed in my Ubuntu environment. All the applications (including Ubuntu OS) took about 2 GB of disk space.  If you are NOT planning to use Ubuntu on regular basis ,and just wanted to install essential applications that are not available in Chrome OS, the default 16GB of disk space is more than enough to install all for the following applications.
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Chromebook for a web developer, is that possible?

I purchased my first Chromebook. My new personal laptop.

I wanted something new. I wanted a laptop. I wanted a SSD. What I didn’t have was money in my bank accounts.

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Republic Wireless – making the decision to switch

After four years with Verizon Wireless, I decided to give Republic Wireless a try. Their monthly plan would cut my cost significantly.

Our cellphone bill was average of $80 per month per line. Switching just one line reduce the cost by, at least, half even with the priciest plan Republic Wireless offer.

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