A step toward quitting cigarettes

So there, my biggest weakness…smoking. Among many things that I enjoy, smoking is the only thing that I can’t seems to control. I LOVE bacon, but I can go without bacon for days, weeks, or months. I LOVE drinking wines, but I can take a break from any alcohol beverages for months. But cigarettes…not a chance.

Yes, I did the patches, the gum, and the prescriptions…you know the standards. There are times I was able to stop smoking for months…but every time I went back eventually.

The problem is, though I know it is driven by addiction, I can’t stop enjoying smoking. The alternatives were simply NOT enjoyable. It leaves me frustrated and pissed off…and the frustration grows the longer I stay away from smoking. It never got better.

That is until I got introduced the world of vaping about a week ago.

Hello? How come I didn’t get hooked on this sooner?

The biggest thing is I ENJOY vaping. It doesn’t make me frustrated. The day I started vaping is the day I stop smoking cigarettes…well almost (I went for a couple of cigarettes while the battery had to be charged for hours). This is the first alternative method that doesn’t make me miss smoking. I prefer the taste of vapor over cigarettes.

I love the fact that I don’t smell like cigarettes, that my next car won’t be stinky, that I don’t accidentally make a cigarette burn on anything, that cost much less than buying a pack of cigarette at a gas station (after a bit of investment on the equipment but you’ll get that back in time). And I love the fact that I can control the nicotine intake without a waste. So many times, I just want to get little of smoke, not the whole cigarette. I tossed out so many less than half smoked cigarette butts before.

The bottom line is, THIS already allowed me to breakaway from cigarettes with such an ease. I’m hopeful that this will be my permanent goodbye to cigarettes. Yes, it’s only a week so far, but I’m very optimistic this time.

Note: I am not encouraging anyone to start vaping. As far as I know, there is no conclusive research result that show vaping is a better alternative to smoking cigarette or a suitable smoking cessation method. There is no understanding of long-term health effect of vaping either. I STRONGLY discourage people from vaping especially if you are not addicted to smoking already.